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How time flies! After 10 years of operations, we have crystallised into a well-coordinated team that is not afraid of anything. We not only fulfil partial tasks for clients, but thanks to excellent relations we often also replace the entire marketing department.


When we state that we are a single family, we do not want to impress anybody. This is really the case. By the way, you are also becoming a member of our pack through joint work.

We have proven procedures and we remain by your side even when the product is finished. 

The three values


Let’s be honest!

Let’s not gossip. Do you have a problem? You do not like something? In first place, discuss the issue with the person who is concerned and can help you solve it.



We are not a copying machine. This is not always the case, but we make an effort to ensure that our work is unique and original.



It concerns 4 agreements that we like. Not every day is good, but we know that we are putting in our maximum individual and agency effort at the given moment.

Internal projects

MyWow English

MyWow English

Global lovebrand – English language teaching application for children. 



An exclusive and unique project - custom dog granules. 

Digital pioneers

Digital pioneers

First educational marketing
platform in Liberec



The agency jungle is cruel, as is the north, whose waters we proudly guard. We know that you can do good things from anywhere, but you need the right people, a hard shell, feet on the ground and a head in the clouds. If it all works together, then you know that the results will come, and if the results come and you ask yourself: did you do something great? You answer: I did! Just as we honor our values, our home region and ourselves, we also honor the work on projects. We will not be satisfied with something that is good, we will be satisfied with what is cruelly great!

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Employee benefits

We don't have (bureauc)rats.

We have some dogs.

Employee benefits

We don't get meal tickets.

We throw a brunch periodically.

Employee benefits

We don't have sport vouchers.

We go to squash together.

Employee benefits

We don't have a canteen.

We have a practical kitchen.