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BPM Method.

Each of our projects has a quality foundation for cooperation, a concept and its own rules. This is precisely what we get from the BPM method. For years, we have fine-tuned it and it is now enabling us to successfully pass the finish line on a regular basis. What does it look like in practice? Continue reading. 

What is it

Complete process based on close and intensive cooperation between the agency and the client’s internal team. Through joint workshops and consultations, we analyse the 3 key phases of each successful project - the brand (B), the product (P) and marketing (M).



A brand is not only a slogan and a logo.

Its strength consists in deeper things. You, your stories and, above all, how the customer perceives you. Together with our clients we create brands that customers will love. 



What does that mean? 

Effective work with data, prototyping, testing and beneficial workshops. We offer you a solution that will deliver real value and help your business move forward in the digital sphere. 



In the right place, at the right time. 

That is our art. We choose communications channels, arguments and content that drives graphs sky-high. We transform those who have only just heard about you into faithful and loyal customers. 

Why use BPM?



of the individual phases and perception of their mutual influence ensures the quality of the resulting work.

The legibility and consistency

of the brand and advertising message guarantee quality communication outwards and inwards. 


of expended financial resources not only during preparation of the campaign. 


of the company for informed future development.

How do we treat BPM?

Responsibly, openly and with great confidence. The structure of this method is clear, in spite of which it is flexible, if necessary. It is not a universal template. We really want and need to get to know you. This is also the added value of our services.

So how do we do it? 


Before every joint project, we will carry out an impartial analysis of your company and objectively evaluate where your project stands. We will gather all the necessary information about your business, about you and your people, what your customers say, and what your digital footprint is like. We will find everything we need to be able to ask the right questions in the later stages of the project.

We ask questions

Workshops give us the opportunity to discuss what you are really dealing with, and what you are struggling with. We will define strong and weak points, and dust off any skeletons in the closet. Your service or product will be analysed so that we, and especially your customers, understand it in its entirety. We will identify who your customers are and where they will encounter you. At the same time, we will discover which of your competitors are lurking behind you. We will look at your existing presentation, connect it with numbers and analyse your current marketing activities. Our clients are pleasantly surprised by how much they can find out about themselves when they have constructive leadership on our part. In short, ordinary working days do not give you the opportunity to entirely focus on your business and dive deeper. We provide you with that chance and make the most of it.

We produce results

Once we have got to know one another, and we understand you and your expectations, we will launch ourselves into the production stage, where we get to work on your brand itself, a digital product or marketing. We always strive to ensure that everything is understandable and ready for immediate use in practice. We work together with you on the project and continuously discuss everything.

We are innovative

Our work does not end with a finished brand book, a launched website or a completed campaign. We will always search for further ways to genuinely advance your business. It is crucial for us that you understand everything we do, so that we can be joint witnesses to the positive impact of our efforts on your business. 

Do we have to go through all the phases?

You don't have to. 

Our objective is not to think up  “work for the sake of work”. Consistent mutual familiarisation is a guarantee for you and us that we are investing time, money and energy where it is necessary and where it makes sense. 

We shall not

  • change or codify your brand if it is okay.
  • force you to create a new website if the current solution is functional.
  • offer marketing campaigns to you when you are managing them effectively by yourself.  


  • We codify / create / define the brand 
  • Specialised workshops with clients 
  • User customer survey/within the company 


  • Websites
  • Internet shops
  • Photo/video production
  • Graphics


  • Analysis of the current situation and entry audit 
  • Creation of the communication strategy  
  • Ideamaking and formulation of creative thoughts 
  • Copywriting and creation of content 
  • Preparation of the campaign for the individual media 
  • Evaluation and analysis of data