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Do you wanna work with us? We are constantly interested in new members of our team who are into their job just as much as we are. Have something to show? Let us know! Caffeine addicted welcome!


Employee benefits

We don't have company cars.

We ride our company scooters.

Employee benefits

We don't have company phones.

We have a coffee maker.

Employee benefits

No lunch allowances.

We throw a barbecue.

Employee benefits

We don't have (bureauc)rats.

We have a dog.


Are you a good organizer, both leader and a team player, and a sort of a diplomat who is always on time? We are looking for a new member of our team who is capable of leading the process of POS materials and supervise the realization of web projects.

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Currently we don’t need to fill empty chairs on any other positions. If you think we should know about you anyway, give us a call!

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