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New e-shop 

We replaced the old still unresponsive e-shop with a completely new oneIt fully automatically solves the complete management of the warehouses, products and orders with full linking to the accounting systems. The technologically advanced solution thus does the most important things. Saves time and money. 

What does the client say?

Lukáš Přinda

,,I dare to say that meeting SMWORKS was one of the winnings for us. It's amazing that when I communicate with them, I don't feel like we have a supplier, but part of a team that helps us, and that's essential for us."

Lukáš Přinda vice president


Tvorba kampaní


ROI +320 %
Sales +122 %
Avg. order value +27 %

Graphics wherever you look

Apart from online marketing, we are also behind the whole visual of the 2019/2020 and 2018/2019 seasons. You buy a seasonal ticket while waiting for the tram, or  you are attending a match where you see our graphical traces everywhere.  

Key visual 2019/2020

Letaky Permanentky
mockup_produkty Trika


Key visual 2018/2019



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