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In 2016,  Preciosa Crystal Components selected us to administer its social networks. This concerned the Spring - Summer 2017 campaign  titled “CREATE SS17”. How did we succeed in the fulfilment of the individual campaign goals?


It turned out exceptionally well. One of the set campaign targets was increase of favour. And we also wanted to increase brand awareness, mainly among the defined target groups. With a calm heart  we can say that we succeeded.



It could not be done without content

Content is king! It could not be done without content, and for this reason we prepared a content strategy for the individual channels and supervised its correct implementation.

For us not to shoot blindly and improve the efficiency of communication on the individual channels, we created personae. All this on the basis of interviews with the Preciosa Crystal Components team members. 



Facebook and Instagram in the lead role

We handled the administration of the biggest networks – Facebook and Instagram. We regularly and strategically supervised others like LinkedIN, Twitter or Youtube.

And what about our digital activities? We helped with the development and creation of landing pages, mailing or video production


We look forward to further co-operation in a new campaign!



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