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A dog delicacy.

A turn-key project built within one year. A service that is unprecedented in the Czech Republic and in Europe . Together with 4 dog lovers we launched a project in the dog food segment. We transformed the granule bags into a “full service ”. 

What does it consist of? Custom food  prepared individually for each dog, regular deliveries of fresh bags to your doorstep every month . 


From the idea to the finished brand

We conducted a marketing survey that formed our base. We then fine-tuned the brand to the last hair! From the name, brand strategy and communication content, through the unique visual style to placement on the market.  

Main instruction? To be different. 

The last thing that such an already saturated market needed was another “granule shop”. The competitors build on strong bones, shiny fur and firm excrement. We also guaranteed this, but... in a slightly different manner. We embodied a “clown” archetype, who wittily combines braids and a playful visual.
And it worked.  Let the engagement rate be our witness! 


Ambassadors on the leash 

We bet on ambassadors in good and bad cop style. Two dogs, Basti and Rasti helped guide the users through the whole shopping process. Both permeate the entire communication process and all the Baštíto channels. 
By the way, no photo bank. Graphics are completely ourwork. 

Precisely to the gram 

The Baštíto principle is behind the precisely and individually prepared food. The web must be custom-made and include all the necessaryfunctionalities. We developed the algorithm with the precision of a watch-maker. The food dose and its composition is influenced by many variables - dog weight , health condition, medicaments used or physical activity and many others.

Including the link to the accounting software, administration of the client account, generation of labels for the bags or advanced automation sales


We are barking at the world

Our objective was to use the configured communication strategy to place Baštíto on the market and win the first customers for it. From the beginning, we took complete care of the social networks including performance marketing and overall analytics over the project. 

Photos, videos and dog modelling

From the beginning, we helped Baštíto in front of and behind the video camera and the still camera. From scripts, storyboards, production, direction, shooting, post-production to modelling of the agency dogs that collectively tested Baštíto ! 


So, will you not try it also for your dogo? 

Do you want any help from us?

Cool, let's go…