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One of the first and still continuing cooperations, which spans more than 10 years. A leading Czech aesthetic medicine clinic based at Na Příkopech.

We digitalised the brand already in 2010 and created a website for it. But this was by far not the end. We are continuing to work together on all marketing fronts. We are currently substituting the full marketing department of the Esthé Laser Clinic .  


Digital care without worries 


The website was a necessity. We created a clear and elegant website with advanced marketing automation, which we  linked to the client’s CRM. Because it concerns beauty and health, other channels cannot be left out. We take care of the social networks, handle the performance marketing, create the content marketing and SEO and also cover digital PR including complete production of the photographs and videos.

During the year activation campaigns are created that support the sales of the individual operations. See below.

Donate beauty

In December 2016, we implemented a campaign for the clinic for the sale of gift vouchers. The main creative idea was to differentiate itself in the flood of other Christmas commercials and clichés. And so the "Don't Buy Another..." campaign was created. As the main argument in the campaign, we used the fight against the classic Christmas stereotype - buying practical gifts that women really don't want to receive. And what was the result at the end of the campaign? Return on investment in advertising 342%. Which surpassed all our KPI's.

The ugly frog

How to support the sale of a procedure that is not sexy at all and still educate the public about it? With an unconventional concept, we fought against the flood of pink campaigns of competing laser centers. The digital campaign was built exclusively for social networks. The result was an increase in interest in the service by 78% in the selected target group.

The hairy one

We have expanded the creative concept of animal campaigns to include laser epilation, and we have also added Hairdressers to the imaginary ZOO. The total reach of this campaign was a total of 85,000 users in 14 days, of which 1,800 unique users came to the microsite and in 29% of cases converted on the service page.

Cocktail of youth

How to give women a guide to rejuvenate the skin and further increase awareness of client service? Create an application, show them the handsome guy who is right for him and let them share the result among friends on social networks. Let the degree of involvement be a witness to us in this campaign.

Rejuvenating app

How to use the hobby of the target group and promote the service through it? In addition, not to spend a penny from the media budget and achieve over 250 sharing of 19,000 addressed people in 14 days? It was enough to build a creative concept on the popularity of popular quizzes at the time. And behold, the result was born.


Social networks

Content marketing

Multichannel campaign


Inhouse production

 The older, the more beautiful 

During our cooperation, we successfully push the client ahead, which is proven by the real results. The clinic is holding its strong position on the market, excellent reputation and has built a stable client base that continues to grow.  

300 %

The average return on investment from campaigns

+130 %

Year-on-year growth of organic search approaches

+83 %

Website visits

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