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kawasaki Intermoto ponyexpres

In the season of 2014 we designed and created complete and unique online solution. The website where the content is aggregated by articles and posts from social media are included. We also took care of the whole PR support of the team including press releases, administration of social media and other offline activities. 

content available everywhere

So the fans would always have news about the team at their fingertips. We made a special concept of displaying news on the website. It is made of “bricks” and each brick gets its position according to the importance. There is everything – articles, video, posts from social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

latest article creates the look of the page integrated Youtube feed latest Tweets the fans are creating the content by using #intermoto new Facebook photos


We did the administration of the profiles on social media of Intermoto. We served the news right from the race. In order to connect the social media with the web itself a hashtag #intermoto was created. The hashtag is being used both by fans and riders. We also set the communication canals so team can communicate with the public and among each other.



the smell of gasoline

The sound of rumbling engines spiced by tons of music. Exactly in this way the video content which served as propagation material for the season 2014 was created.


  • Unique webSITE with LIVE content 

  • video PRODUCTION
  • Marketing support in SEASON 2014 

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