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Nordic coffee connoisseurs

Nordbeans is our heart of hearts. We helped the brand make headway from the first to the last coffee bean. Nordbeans sells and roasts speciality coffee. Moreover, its headquarters is in the Ještěd foothills. Not only our love for coffee is responsible for a very successful project. In the period that we are jointly pulling the digital rope, it has grown into one of the most highly recognised brands in the area of speciality coffee in the Czech Republic.  

Do you know your coffee?

Just like any other love brand, the Nordbeans brand also has a story behind it. The beginning of the Nordbeans story could start as follows: “Once upon a time there were two brothers who loved coffee.” Martin and Karel first built the successful Sweet City brand, which gradually made possible the birth of Nordbeans. We added a unique hashtag #znamsvoukavu to the creative concept. The hashtag links people throughout the Czech Republic. Remember us when you encounter it somewhere

Nordic majesty instead of clichés

The Nordbeans brand is admittedly based on a strong visual style, which we at SMWORKS have put to the last detail. That's when we decided to go the unique visual way - no coffee beans, not even typical shades of brown. Instead, a majestic logo embodying the brand's naming and positioning.

The e-shop was a "must have"

Because it is best to enjoy your coffee a few days after roasting, we have created a well-arranged e-shop that got coffee as quickly as possible to connoisseurs.

Judge coffee by packaging? Sure.

The original and comprehensive graphic style was also reflected in the product design of the packaging. Both for the Nordbeans brand and for private labels such as Bambi for Ambiente. We left our author's imprint on a number of printed matter, leaflets, tarpaulins and banners in the online and offline environment.

Our further work

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