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Technická univerzita v Liberci

When the domestic alma mater contacted us, we did not hesitate even for a moment and agreed to cooperate. TULka is our heart-of-hearts. Apart from this, many of us have experienced the famous student moments of happiness, misery, sweating hands and brows there. 5 of us to be precise.

Technická univerzita v Liberci


Three hundred and sixty is a must have 

The assignment was short and clear: Non-traditional video for enrolment of new students. And because the 360 format saw the light of day at the time , the implementation format was clear. Three hundred and sixty, that’s it! We believed that there was no better format to help the indecisive secondary school students decide that TULka is just right. And we did not err. 



Complete production menu

We took everything upon our shoulders – from the creative concept, production, direction, editing to final processing and post-production. We admit that it was quite a big chunk of work. We went at it fully and everything worked like a Swiss watch. 


We wish you pleasant entertainment 

Play the video rather on your phone because with a telephone in your hand you can arbitrarily turn and enjoy the 360 effects better and more joyfully. But the greatest experience is when using a VR headset. After all, it took points in the schools and technical trade fairs for the TULka video. We believed in the 360 format not only in terms of effect, but also sustainability. 


If you are former students, we shall take you back in time. We promise. You will once again experience the space of the dorms, auditorium, school corridors, view from the roof at na Harcově and many others.  

Even those who did not study at  TULka suppressed tears of emotion.



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