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WOW English

From long-term co-operation to a functional brand

The starting step was a microsite for the purpose of selling textbooks world-wide, including several world language versions.

WOW English


Patience brings conversion

Slow and consistent work, which took years and gradually bore fruit. Joint workshops were an integral part of our joint “care” for the brand. We got acquainted with Steve, Maggie and understood the direction of the project. And then we set clear rules, defined the brand and set the target.


wowenglish design process


The colouring book website secures this

The next step was naturally the website. We retained the brand image, but defined a new direction. Due to the nature of the product and the target group, it was clear that the colours would certainly not be saved and the graphic artists would really let off steam. The website was based on newly configured communication and should have served as the major tool for getting leads (contacts).


And how did the new website work?




number of pages per relay



average duration



immediate abandonment rate


Goodbye, CD! Hello iOS and Android!

But that was not the end of it. We needed a further contact point for B2B contact. So the interactive portal was created.

Thanks to it, we could link the application to iOS and Android and the client could thus reduce the obsolete distribution of CD and DVD carriers. Now, we have one place for everything.

mywow on android and ios



Europe, tremble!

We jointly worked in parallel with the client on short-term campaigns to establish new B2B leads in the European markets.

wowenglish FB post

wowenglish FB post

wowenglish FB post



And how did we do?


Campaign conversion rate 6.68%

Conversion increase in specific countries by 350 %


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